Hearcentres – Traditionally New!

The idea of Hearcentres was developed by Jonathan Ormerod, a respected Hearing Aid Audiologist with over thirty years experience in the hearing aid profession. Jonathan comes from a family background in hearing aids. His father, David Ormerod, built a very successful business which grew over many years into a leading name in the profession and part of the high street in many towns across the country.

Hearcentres is different. Rather than a large, national chain, Jonathan wanted to create a group of like-minded, local, independent hearing aid centres. He has always believed that people prefer to deal with an established, local professional who is recommended by others. Jonathan originally established and developed hearing centres in Horsham, West Sussex and Reigate, Surrey. He learnt how to build a long-term relationship with his customers and the businesses are still thriving today.

Hearcentres is now made up of a group of similar established dedicated local hearing centres across the South of England. It is vital, however that they all retain their individual identities and are established in their local areas as the “hearing centre” to go to if you have a hearing problem. Our philosophy is simple. Offer excellent service at all times and fit the best hearing aids. A combination of old tradition and new technology which our customers really appreciate.

Better Hearing Guarantee

We offer a unique guarantee – We will work with you to help you hear better and let you try the latest hearing aid technology before deciding to buy.

Our guarantee means you don’t have to commit to our services without trying them first.

All our hearing aid fittings include an initial assessment and adjustment period, during which you will have unlimited access to your Audiologist for any adjustments or changes that may be required after the fitting. This ensures that you get the best possible results from your hearing aid system and you are totally happy. After this introductory period, we will continue to see you for regular six-monthly follow up appointments for the length of your warranty. Most hearing instruments are supplied with an unconditional warranty which can be renewed annually for the life of the hearing aid to give you continued peace of mind.